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FPC Pool #:    FP2018101201  Pool Description&Rules

Pool Spec  : 2layers, 0.1mm, Polyimide ,0.5oz, Immersion Gold, YELLOW SOLDER MASK, TWO/ONE SIDE MASK, WHITE SILK SCREEN, TWO/ONE SIDE SILK, Min Hole Size: >=12mil, Min Trace: >=5mil, Min Clearance: >=5mil
Special Notes: Shipped As Individual Boards
Area Unit Price (USD per inchsq)
10-20  inchsq 1.20
21-30  inchsq 1.20
31-40  inchsq 1.20
41-60  inchsq 1.20
Region Cargo Service
Africa/Middle East  
EMS $10.00, DHL $35.00, IP $45.00, IE $35.00
North America  
EMS $5.00, DHL $20.00, IP $34.00, IE $25.00
DHL $40.00, IP $50.00, IE $45.00
Other Region  
EMS $10.00, DHL $30.00, IP $45.00, IE $35.00
In the same FPC Pool YOU ONLY PAY SHIPPING ONCE, which means that FPC Pool order support combine shipping to save money.


Total Area: 200 inch sq

Close Time: 4 days