Stencil Special

To place the order or ask for Quote:
Select the spec you want for your PCB, this page will estimated the price for you. Please email Gerber 274X+NC drill files to or For RFQ and place order

Specifications for the 1-4 Layers special price
When the designs on the panel are different extra fees will be charged for multi-project panel. Regulations for multi-project panel are below:
1. Specifications for the 1-4 Layers special price

2. How do you define your turn times and cut off time
The day order is processed and confirmed to customer is counted as Day 0. 1-day turn orders, for example, ship next business day. Same-Day orders ship same day if received and confirmed to customer EST 4:00PM. For example if you order the board Monday, one day turn means that we make the board Tuesday and ship on Wed. If you order 8 hours turn, then we will ship the order on Tuesday from China. FEDEX will need 3-4days to delivery the order. Since the PCB is made in China, so if you order the board on Thursday, 1day turn you can have the board following Tuesday, 8 hours turn you will have the board following Monday.
Specifications for the 1-4 Layers special price

Paypal payment instruction Updated in 2011.


PLEASE SEND THE PAYPAL PAYMENT USE MASS PAYMENT. For mass payment the cost to the sender only USD1 to send each payment. And for us it is free to receive the payment. The payment instruction is below. You must have a PayPal Premier account or Business account, and it must be a verified account, before you can use Mass Payments.

Our Two Paypal Accounts are listed below:
If you do not want pay the paypal fee please read the instruction below, and send the payment as mass payment.

1) "Paypal Mass payment" please send to We created a mass payment file for you (CAD.csv/USD.csv). PLEASE CHANGE THE “PAYMENT AMOUNT” AND NOTES IN THE PAYMENT FILE.

2) Regular payment please sends to: AND ADD EXTRA 3.4% paypal charge. FOR EXAMPLE IF THE QUOTE PRICE IS USD100, PLEASE SEND USD103.4 TO


1) CHANGE THE “PAYMENT AMOUNT” AND NOTES IN THE PAYMENT FILE. Then upload the “CSV” file we send you.

2) Please put the” gerber file name” on the “Email subject”

3) Please put your orders notes, and shipping address on the “message to the recipient”

4) After that Clike Review the payment, after make sure the payment info is right, then you can submit the payment

How to create a payment file

1. Choose how you will generate the payment file. You can use a notepad, database, or a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.

2. Arrange your recipient information. Let’s say you’ll be using Microsoft Excel to arrange your data. Each row in your file should contain all the data for one recipient, divided into 5 columns. From left to right, you’d enter email address, payment amount, and currency type. The first 3 columns are required; the 4th and 5th columns are optional and can be used for your internal tracking or for adding a note to the recipient.

Here’s an example of how the data could be arranged in Excel.

The email address, for your recipient.

The amount you’ll be sending to that recipient.

The 3-letter currency abbreviation. See table below.

An optional field for unique customer IDs, identifiers, etc.

An optional field for a custom note to your recipient.

Currency chart

Please note that payments in different currencies must have separate Mass Payment files.

Currency Abbreviation

U.S. Dollar USD

Canadian Dollar CAD

What does CNC Rout points mean?

Each corner or "turn" on your pcb is a rout point - that is every time the router bit turns or stops. Each radius is three points. Count 8 for a circle and for each tab-routed pcb in an array configuration. More than 6 routing points will be consider as complex shape board by GP.